Top 5 Comfortable Nursing Shoes

As a nurse, you are always on your feet. You, therefore, need shoes that will give you the support and comfort you need for those long workweeks. This review will help you find the best comfortable nursing shoe.

Having the right pair of shoes can ensure maximum productivity and relieve pains and sores associated with being on you’re feet all day.

However, before purchasing one there are a number of features that you need to consider.

5 Comfortable Nursing Shoes

1. Timberland Pro Renova Slip On Clog


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For nurses who are constantly on the go, The Renova Slip On is are wonderful shoes to choose. While many nurses have a hard time finding stylish, comfortable and safe shoes for work, with Renova Slip on, they do not have to search for the best nursing shoes. These are the kind of shoes that they have been looking for.


· Material– These slip on are manufactured from out of quality leather with the sole made of a sturdy and durable rubber. Since the soles have a heavy traction, they can be won even on the most slippery floors

· Sizing– When looking for one, it’s recommended that you purchase a slightly larger size than what you normally wear. A slightly larger size will also help you cater for the thick socks that you need to wear.

· Platform and heel height– These shoes are 2 inches off the ground. This is suitable for women since they need more cushion for comfort.

· Safety features– The outsole comes with urethane feature that makes them completely abrasion and slip oil resistant. They are also equipped with safe grip tread. This provides the maximum amount of traction on wet and dry surfaces.

· Arches and comfort– These shoes are manufactured specifically with medical professionals and nurses in mind. This means they have a comfortable shape and a soft cushion base to support the natural movements of your feet as you walk.


  • Comfortable.
  • Durable.
  • Stylish.


  • Just a tap too big

2. Dansko Women’s Pro Mule Shoe


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Dansko women’s shoe is a type of shoe suited for an individual who works in the nursing field. It provides the nurses with the support needed for the many hours that they spend on their feet working. Anyone in the nursing industry usually spends at least 12 hours on her feet. Dansco clogs, therefore, offers nurses the comfortable pair of shoes that they need to ensure that their work is comfortable. As slip on shoes, they do not apply as much pressure or tension typical of a sneaker.


· Arch support– This shoe has an exceptional arch support to ensure that your feet remain comfortable throughout the day.

· Slip resistant rubber sole– It also has a slip-resistant rubber sole to suit a variety of lifestyle and occupational settings.

· Rocker bottom – It has a rocker bottom that offers shock absorption to reduce fatigue.

· Compatible with all wears– This shoe is also compatible for wear with both custom and standard orthotics.


· As compared to other similar shoes, it has a bit of cushion.

· Its instep will give your sole enough room.

· It’s tooled leather look is very pretty

· It has a fairly accurate sizing


· If you are buying it for the first time, you might prefer more air to circulate in your feet.

3. Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat


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If there is any shoe that has everything that you’ve always cherished then this is the one. The built and innovative design makes it a class apart from comfort, style, and fitness. Due to its removable footbed, it’s customizable and adaptable. Even after a day long standing job, it has the perfect platform sole. To ensure that your legs and back are in perfect health and shape, it gives you a proper standing posture.


· Deep inner space– To give you a capacious fit and avoid constraining your toes, these shoes have deep interiors.

· Firm and Flat rubber bottom– This clog have a firm and flat bottom so that with every step that you make, you will get maximum contact with the ground. It provides you with the feel, stability and agility in your walks.

· Well structured footbed– It’s nicely designed footbed will keep you moving throughout the day. You will, therefore, spend longer periods of swiftness and enthusiasm.


· Excellent arch support.

· Easy on the bottoms of the feet.

· Doesn’t hurt after working all day.


· Sometimes you might be forced to wear socks.

4. Birkenstock Unisex Professional Boston

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These shoes are not your average clogs since they are revamped model from the German’s shoemaker’s professionals with lots of features that nurses love. They are not only easy to clean but are also really stylish. They also come with the legendary insoles which are some of the best for maintaining your feet’s health after a long day at work. Apart from lasting long, they are one of the restorative choices that you can get for your feet.


· High quality– They have a high-quality leather finish. As you break them, this leather will soften. They are also easy to clean and polish.

· Cork Footbed– These shoes are equipped with Birkenstock cork footbed. If you have used the company’s sandals before then you know what to expect over time.

· They are slip resistant– Due to their specific insoles, they are slip resistant. They also have smaller treads that help you to maintain proper traction when walking.


· They are not meant for everyone.

· They do not have many colour options.

5. Reebok Work n cushion

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If you are constantly on your feet, then these shoes are ideal. Enhanced with a memory foam, these shoes are very comfortable especially if you are walking on a hard surface. They are not only available in black and white but can also be bought in different width to accommodate fit. Without sacrificing your comfort, these shoes are great for both working and walking. However, when looking for one you need to buy the right width.


· Low cut design– They have a low cut design which provides a comfortable wear for your ankles.

· Oil and slip resistant outsole– They have an oil resistant outsole that allows you to walk with them anywhere regardless of the weather.

· Synthetic weather material– With their synthetic leather material, they are really durable.

· They are available n black and white– They are available in black and white hence are the perfect shoes for functionality and simplicity.


· Slip resistant.

· Comfortable.

· Durable.


· It’s not one of the most favorable designs.

· Some people may not like the memory foam of the shoes.


Purchasing a new pair of comfortable nursing shoes is something that you should not take lightly hence it’s important to take your time to find the pair that provides a great support, fits your arches, and is made of good quality. Thankfully, with these top 5 comfortable nursing shoes, you will definitely find the ones that fit you. Consider reading our nursing shoes guide if you’re in doubt of which shoe to buy.

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